The Remembering Quilt


" Shows that people still remember."

" A very moving exhibition, it shows that people still remember."

" After September 11th America thought they had an exclusive franchise on grieving but looking at this quilt it brings home to me what the people of the North have had to endure for this past thirty years." An American Visitor

" I brought my daughter along to show her the suffering our local community went through. Also from an educational point of view it is important for her to realise what happened in our past, to give hope for the future. " Local Teacher

" It is a fantastic way to remember our past. "

" Looking back at this exhibition there is a lot of poignancy, you see the individual who has died and not a statistic. It depicts those on it as real people with real lives it shows their lives and loves weaved into the squares in their own individual way. "

" When I look at the quilt, I see a lot of friends that I grew up with, went to school with and it is a fitting tribute to them. It brings back a lot of memories for me. Particularly, the square of Annette Mc Gavigan, barely a day goes by without me thinking of that terrible day. I was a teenager and was one of the first on the scene whenever she was shot. "

" I feel a lot of empathy with the people of Ireland, more so when I look at the faces of the people who died especially the faces of the little children." Palestinian Visitor