Annies Bar The Forgotten Massacre

"I never went back to my flat until February, the Christmas tree was still up but eventually I took it down. The only thing I had to look forward to was the birth of my child. Barney had been delighted when we found out I was pregnant."


"We didnt want retaliation for what happened, but there was never anyone charged with the murders. I used to say I didnt want to know who did it but you get to the point when you think, they got away with it. The police have never been in touch. (Extract from publication)"

On 20th December 1972 five men were murdered by Loyalists as they sat watching a football match in Annies Bar in the Top of the Hill Gobnascale, Derry. This event, like so many others, was forgotten and the bereaved families were left to rear children and get on with life. No proper investigation was conducted to find those responsible.

This publication was launched on the 30th anniversary of this event. It outlines the events of that awful night, as remembered by the bereaved relatives and friends.

barney charles
charles frank

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