launchCúnamh's work was piloted within the Bogside and Brandywell area of Derry, which is a nationalist/republican community. This community's experience of the conflict has been of acts and events caused, mainly by British State forces, including Loyalist forces. Moreover, Cúnamh firmly believes that the process of recovering from political conflict must initially take place within a safe and empathetic environment. Individuals and communities are entitled to support structures, which respect and understand their experiences.

This view has been shared by Dominic Burke, Director of Social Care (WHSSB) in his response to John Parke's paper 'Living With The Trauma Of The Troubles'

launchIt is clearly recognised that there are already community groups who are involved in very effective efforts to address the psychological damage caused by the conflict to individuals, groups and ultimately communities. It is also recognised that this type of work needs to take place at a community- based level, and on single identity terms initially, accepting the fact that people need the comfort and security of "their own" when beginning to share their story and the inherent hurt and pain. This enables the transition from Victim to Survivor'.