Peace In Mind
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Peace in Mind/Suaimhneas Intinne

(Peace III Project from May 2009 to July 2011)

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EU Programme for Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Border Regions of Ireland 2007 – 2013

Contract between the Pobal + Community Relations Council Consortium (being appointed by the Special EU Programmes Body) and Cúnamh

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PRIORITY:    Reconciling Communities
THEME 1.2:  Acknowledging and Dealing with Past
Strand2:       Support for Participation

Project Summary

This Peace in Mind (Peace III) project provides complementary, holistic therapeutic interventions for individuals whose emotional well-being and health has been detrimentally affected as a result of the conflict. The project supports individuals who have experienced severe levels of trauma due to bereavement, injury, imprisonment, injustice, long term unemployment, poverty, and exposure to recurring violence. The project offers long term intensive support to individuals via specialised trauma counseling, cognitive therapy and complementary therapy.

Project Aims

  • To enhance and maximise the opportunities arising from the peace process for victims/survivors of the conflict
  • To deliver innovative processes and models of work, which animate the holistic nature of peace building at a local level.
  • To enhance the personal and social development of and self-confidence of project participants

The Peace III ‘Peace in Mind’ project has well exceeded its contracted targets with the consortium and Cúnamh continue to deliver an unrivaled professional counseling and well being service. 

The project has supported the families of the Bloody Sunday victims from its commencement and during the especially historic publication date of 15th June 2010 where Cúnamh Peace III staff were asked to be in attendance.  It was agreed that Cúnamh should be in attendance to support the family needs during the lock-down process at the Guildhall on that day. The project continues to support the individual family needs on an ongoing basis.

The Peace in Mind project have provided a safe place for individuals who have never spoken of their loss, injury or trauma related experience.  The service has helped them to share their experiences with others who have suffered similar events. It has helped them to finally open up to their own family members in terms of discussing the actual  impact an event has had on them, many of which have been unable to do this before.
It has also given many people an opportunity to have their experiences acknowledged within their families and local community.

The staff involved with delivering the Peace III project has demonstrated an empathetic and a professional caring service.  This has served to validate the experiences of many clients and has helped to:

  • Normalise the individual’s situation and personal experience
  • Build social relationships and elevate isolation
  • Address long term health problems and improved quality of life
  • To motivate individuals to become more involved, self confident and more active within their local communities

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