Cúnamh recognises the perceived stigma associated with counselling. For this reason we have throughout the past five years supported local people to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and training to provide this service.

There is no great mystery to counselling. It is a tool, which gives the client an opportunity to explore, discover, clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. It is a form of helping that is focused on the needs and goals of the person, based upon the belief that each individual possesses the necessary resources within themselves to make meaningful change.

  • Cúnamh's counselling service operates the following procedures:
  • An initial assessment is conducted by a trained counsellor. This ensures that counselling is appropriate for the individual.
  • An initial contract of six weekly sessions is offered. An evaluation is conducted after six weeks. This determines the effectiveness of the counselling process and also if there is a need for further sessions.

All counsellors undertake regular supervision from an external qualified counselling supervisor.

Cúnamh is an organisational member of B.A.C.P., and adheres to their Ethical Codes of Practice. This ensures safety not only for the organisation but the individuals using the service.